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Studio Canvas Pad (A4)


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100% Cotton


Painting Paper Type: Acrylic, Oil Painting

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The Studio Canvas Pad (A4) is a high-quality canvas paper pad that is perfect for artists of all levels. This pad features acid-free and pH-neutral paper that is designed to provide excellent color reproduction and durability.

The A4 size is perfect for creating smaller artworks or for practicing new techniques. Each page in the pad is made from 280gsm canvas paper, providing a sturdy surface for a range of media, including acrylics, oils, and mixed media.

The Canvas Pad (A4) is spiral-bound, making it easy to flip through pages and work on your art. The pages are perforated, so you can easily tear out your finished artwork and display it as desired.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, the Canvas Pad (A4) is an excellent choice for your art projects. Its high-quality canvas paper provides an excellent surface for creating detailed and vibrant artwork, while its convenient size and spiral binding make it easy to work with and transport.

Overall, the Studio Canvas Pad (A4) is a reliable and versatile canvas paper pad that is perfect for a range of art projects. Its high-quality paper and convenient design make it a great choice for artists of all levels.

This pad is made with the idea that children can use these for their artworks as well. Apply your paints and they ll smoothly cover the sheets. These sheets might get curled if you apply too much water/liquid on them and can harden the surface. So the best way is to apply paints layer by layer and letting it dry after each layer to prevent it from folding.


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