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360° Rotatable Twist Mop


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Material: Pole Material Stainless Steel, ABS, PP/ Reinforced
Mop Wipe Material: Microfiber
Size: 130*27cm/51.18*10.62inch
Color: Multi
Weight: 700g

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Ready to revolutionize your cleaning routine? Say hello to our 360° Rotatable Twist Mop, the ultimate solution for crystal-clear Window Glass, a gleaming Toilet, and a spotless Bathroom. Get ready for a cleaner, brighter home!

The Magic of the 360° Rotatable Twist Mop

Unlock the secrets of efficient cleaning with this incredible mop. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

1. 360° Rotatable Cleaning Power

  • Tired of struggling to reach tricky corners? This mop effortlessly reaches all angles and corners, ensuring no spot is left uncleaned.

2. Multi-Surface Wonder

  • From your Window Glass to the Toilet and Bathroom tiles, this mop is designed to handle it all.
  • Versatility at its best.

3. No More Bending and Straining

  • The 360° Twist Mop’s unique design means no more bending over or straining your back while cleaning.
  • Perfect for those hard-to-reach spots.

4. Easy-to-Replace Mop Heads

  • When your mop head has seen better days, simply replace it with ease. No more messy, ineffective mopping.

5. Ultra-Absorbent

  • This mop doesn’t just clean; it soaks up dirt and grime with ease.
  • Leave your surfaces shining and spotless.

6. Durable & Long-Lasting

  • Crafted with quality materials, this mop is built to withstand the test of time.
  • Your go-to cleaning companion for years to come.


1. What surfaces can I clean with the 360° Rotatable Twist Mop? You can clean a wide range of surfaces, including Window Glass, Toilet, and Bathroom tiles. Its 360° rotation ensures thorough cleaning.

2. How does the 360° Rotatable Twist Mop reach tricky corners? The mop’s unique design allows it to access even the most challenging corners with ease. No spot is left uncleaned.

3. Is it easy to replace the mop heads? Yes, replacing the mop heads is a breeze. When your mop head needs changing, it won’t be a messy or time-consuming task.

4. Is this mop durable and long-lasting? Absolutely! The 360° Rotatable Mop is built with quality materials, ensuring it remains your trusted cleaning companion for years to come.

Ready to make cleaning a breeze and achieve a sparkling, spotless home? Experience the magic of the 360° Rotatable Twist Mop today. Say goodbye to bending and straining and hello to effortless, efficient cleaning. Transform your cleaning routine now!


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