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Synergy Electric Heater


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2 speed choices.
Low noise motor.
Watt: 2000W.
Weight: 1 Kg.
Dimension: 220*100*250mm
Material: PTC Ceramic

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Experience Winter Bliss with the Synergy Electric Heater

Make winter your favorite season with the Synergy Electric Heater, a smart warmer designed to bring you unparalleled comfort. Say goodbye to chilly days and nights – warmth and tranquility are just a click away.

Key Features

1. Smart Warmer for Winter

  • The Electric Heater is not just a heater; it’s your smart solution for a cozy winter.
  • Embrace warmth with intelligence.

2. Low Noise Motor

  • Enjoy the tranquility of a low noise motor, allowing you to focus on the warmth without any disruptions.
  • Your peaceful winter oasis.

3. Efficient Electric Heating

  • Experience the efficiency of electric heating, ensuring rapid warmth in any room.
  • Stay warm without the wait.

4. Stylish and Compact Design

  • Elevate your space with a heater that not only warms but also complements your decor.
  • Style meets functionality.

5. Adjustable Heat Settings

  • Customize your comfort with adjustable heat settings, catering to your preferred level of warmth.
  • Control the temperature to suit your mood.

6. Safety First

  • Rest easy with built-in safety features, including overheating protection and tip-over switch.
  • Warmth with peace of mind.


1. How does the Synergy Electric Heater work as a ‘Smart Warmer for Winter’?
The smart features of the Synergy Heater allow you to control and customize your warmth, ensuring an intelligent and efficient heating experience.

2. Is the low noise motor really quiet?
Absolutely! The Electric Heater boasts a low noise motor, providing you with a peaceful and undisturbed winter ambiance.

3. How quickly does the heater warm up a room?
The efficient electric heating ensures rapid warmth, allowing you to enjoy a cozy environment in a matter of minutes.

4. Can I use the Synergy Electric Heater in a stylishly decorated room?
Certainly! The stylish and compact design of the heater complements any decor, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

5. What are the adjustable heat settings for?
The adjustable heat settings allow you to customize the warmth to your liking, ensuring optimal comfort for different preferences.

6. Is the Synergy Electric Heater safe to use?
Safety is a priority. The heater comes with built-in safety features, including overheating protection and a tip-over switch, ensuring your safety while enjoying the warmth.

Transform your winter experience with the Synergy Electric Heater. Order now and embrace the perfect blend of style, intelligence, and warmth!


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