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Mini Chopper Food Grinder


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Material: Stainless Steel Blade/Plastic Shell
Product Color: Pink
Dimensions: 9.6*8.6cm
Capacity: 100ml
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Watt: 30w
Suitable for: Fruit & Vegetable Tools

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1-I’m an updated electric Mini Chopper Food Grinder. I can slashing garlic, peppers, carrots, vegetables, onions, nuts, child food and something else for you.
2-I am also an USB rechargeable battery food chopper. I have some partner including 2pcs blades, and bowls (100ml). We work together every day. And we will be good kitchen helpers for moms.
3-Stainless steel blades are durable, strong and powerful for efficient cutting. The food grade plastic of cup is BPA free and safe for containing food.
4- Unique inner wall design, less ingredients can be easily chopped, handy for small and delicate needs. Has advantages of economy, practicability, compact volume and portable.
5-Sometimes you need to chop small quantities of ingredients, but using a big chopping machine is very complicated and difficult to clean, mini hand chopper is suitable for chopping small pieces of fruits, vegetables, boneless meat, herbs, nuts, garlic, ginger, pepper.
6-Very convenient and save you time. Be careful with sharp blades
7-Keep out of reach of children to avoid scratches. Dishwasher safe.
8-After you put food in the container and install the isolation cover and main engine, you only need to press the start switch to chop the food.
9-The shape is not restricted by the use space, suitable for home and outdoor.

The Mini Chopper Food Grinder is a compact and versatile kitchen appliance that is perfect for small spaces. It is designed to easily chop and grind a wide variety of ingredients, including vegetables, nuts, herbs, and spices.

The Mini Chopper Food Grinder has a powerful motor and sharp stainless steel blades that make quick work of any chopping or grinding task. It is easy to use and clean, with a removable grinding cup and dishwasher safe parts.

Whether you’re preparing a quick snack or a full meal, the Mini Chopper Food Grinder is a handy tool to have in your kitchen.


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