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Waterproof COB Light


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By pushing the switch on handle, self discipline up the battery-powered COB light.

Waterproof COB Light is a splendid and bursting, energy saving and effective Drove. It can monitor upto 80% on electric receipt. It’s a helpful and compact electrical release. It has supplanted the regular incandescent light (200 W).

Specifications of  Waterproof Cob Light:

1-It has 3 elective light methodologies as well as.

2-By pushing the switch on handle, self discipline up the battery-powered COB light. High and low recurrence blazing

3-It incorporates SOS lighting approach

4-IP55-guaranteed water-repellent and remote model secure tha light capability in turbulent climate and preclude the sprinkling from any conceivable bearing.

5-180 degree obliging light stand and remote element permit you to change it toward any path. The stand is production to fill in as a suspend handle. Aside from the solace of getting a handle on the hard way, it can likewise be set down in a level position.

6-This COB light is electrically-worked by 18650 lithium-particle battery-powered battery, or 3x AAA battery. It can likewise function as a 4400mAh power unit to charge telephone and different contraptions in the period of scarcity. It is use during fishing, setting up camp, auto fix shops and outside exercises.
7-Accessible in dark and fat development.

8-Light range is upto10 meters.

9-Releasing/delivering time is 5 hours with full enlightenment and 8 hours of diminished brightening.
Info and result energy supply is 5V DC, 1A
Its body is worked of nylon+TPR
USB link for quick charging
Surmised estimations are 11.5×7.5×3.5cm/4.53×2.95×1.38″
All out weight is 463gm.


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