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Wooden Canvas Stands


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The Wooden Canvas Stands are an essential accessory for artists who want a reliable and adjustable support system for their canvases. Made from high-quality beechwood, these stands provide a sturdy and durable base that is perfect for holding canvases of various sizes.

Measuring different sizes, the Canvas Stands are adjustable and can be easily adapted to accommodate canvases of different heights and widths. The stand features adjustable pegs that can be moved to secure the canvas in place and prevent it from slipping or moving during the painting process.

The Wooden Canvas Stands are also lightweight and portable, making them an excellent choice for artists who like to paint on location or need to move their canvases around their workspace. The compact size of the stand makes it easy to store, transport, and set up in any location.

Overall, the Canvas Stands are a versatile and reliable accessory that is perfect for artists of all levels. Their high-quality beechwood construction, adjustable features, and lightweight design make them an essential tool for any artist who wants a sturdy and reliable support system for their canvases.


4×4", 6×6", 8×8", 12×12"


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